80’s TV Comfort Food

“Designing Women”, the TV show reruns are great! I watched a 4 show block on TV Land last night. It was hard to believe that they were showing 4 in a row. Since I’m sick with a cold it was just what I needed. Vegging in front of one of my Comfort Food types of 80’s sitcoms makes life better.

It’s hard to believe that the show started 21 years ago! I was interested in it initially because Annie Potts who plays Mary Jo was in it. Remember her from the 1986 hit movie “Pretty in Pink”? She was great there and I was really intrigued to see her on a TV show. Even though her character was a lot different on “Designing Women”, I still liked her. For those of you who saw “Pretty in Pink”, remember how she acted at the very end of the movie? Well, I think that “Iona” changed her name and moved to Atlanta for “Designing Women”!

Occasionally the show does have a little “Preachy-ness” to it. Some of the topics were taboo for their day. Sadly, a few were taken, strangled and left for you, the viewer, to digest-or not. That would be my only gripe. Other than that, I usually liked the episodes.

Anyways, it’s still a great show. Since I live in the Psuedo South, I really enjoyed looking at how the women dress and how they carry themselves. Even when Julia gets her head caught in a banister, she still pulls off having class. How do you do that?

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