Every decision I have ever made is wrong

Seinfeld is NOT a show that I would ever in a million years look to for inspiration.

I loved the show, but the characters were shallow, selfish and not really people I would want to hang out with, well, Krammer maybe I would like to hang with.

That said, I have always thought that George Costanza was onto something when he realized that his life was not what he had envisioned. He came to the conclusion that everything he had ever done had been wrong and that all his decisions were wrong. So he started doing the opposite of everything that made sense to him.

I really think that if you do that in moderation in regards to certain decisions in life that good things can come of it. I know personally some of my decisions have been terrible, I should have gone against the grain and done the opposite.


Andy Kaufman Gets Bitch Slapped By Jerry Lawler On Letterman

We have been Letterman fans since he had his Daytime show in the summer of 1980. Nothing better than watching these early shows when he was still not sure how to handle bad situations.

Really, just watch how this interview gets away from him and how he tried to pull it out. I remember like yesterday sitting on my friends couch when Jerry Lawler picked up Andy Kaufman and did a piledriver on him. Why can’t we get real entertainment like that anymore?? HUH!

The Biggest Loser

I have to come out and say it, we as a society are idiots. We have to be idiots if this is what we are watching and calling entertainment. Despite what you are thinking right now I am not some sort of chiseled Adonis, I am tubby, but I would not want to make a show about me losing weight (unless something threw large amounts of cash at me to do so).

Here we have a show that in it’s essence is about people sitting on their couches/lazyboys/patio furniture watching fat people lose weight. It makes me wonder will we be seeing grass growing or paint drying competitions in the future?

Coming in the Fall of 2009 to NBC, “The Grass is Greener“, in a neighborhood with yards gone bad see which challengers grass will grow faster…

Losing weight, hey, I am all for it, but do we need to have the tension ratchet up like they do every week? Well yes actually, who the heck would watch it otherwise?

I came in on the weigh in portion, I have to ask myself, do we need to see such an array of “manboobs”? Some of the guys probably have nicer racks than the women do, just a lot more hair. Couldn’t they have them wear a Manzier or a Bro or a tank top?

I digress, if it was a 1/2 hour show, with them working out, maybe messing around and doing goofy stuff and then weighing in, I might be able to stomach it (get it, funny). Watching the trainers clinch their little metro-sexual fists and pump them furiously when their team wins, that is too much “tension”.

Opps, I am really losing interest in writing any more about this, avoid it like a diet menu at Dennys..