TV and your Teletubby kids.

I saw a Rueters news article the other day that said kids that have TV’s in the their bedrooms tend to be more tubby than those that do not.

By Will Dunham, Reuters
Posted: 2008-04-07 16:37:36
Filed Under: Health News

WASHINGTON (April 7) – Teenagers with a bedroom television tend to have poorer diet and exercise habits and lower grades in school than those without one, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

While many studies have examined TV viewing habits of young people, researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health said little had been known about the consequences in particular for older adolescents of having a bedroom TV.

They questioned 781 adolescents, ages 15 to 18, in the Minneapolis area in 2003 and 2004. Of them, 62 percent reported having a television in their bedroom.

My first thought was that I hoped no tax dollars were used to come to this "startling" conclusion. My second thought was I REALLY hoped no tax dollars were used for this.

This is just common sense, if you have everything you need in one room, why leave?

I have always thought that TV’s and computers had no real place in a bedroom. My personal thoughts are that the bedroom is for sleeping, light reading and the occasional pillow fort, nothing more.

As a parent, well, having a TV, game console or a PC in your kid’s room you are just asking for trouble. I guess I am one of those JERK parents. I just know what my friends did when they used to watch late at night if they had TV’s in their rooms. Let me tell you it was not PBS Sprout they were watching.

A few months ago I ended up talking to a young kid about his TV habits, much to my dismay he was all too familiar with late night programming. I asked if he had a TV in his room, yes, yes he does. Hmmm, his grades stink, he is somewhat over weight and he seems to have a hard time staying awake in school.

See, I did not have to spend anything to jump to that conclusion. TV in a kids bedroom (or an adults most of the time) is just a bad idea.

Mr. Monk buys a House

I have missed watching Monk a lot since it did not have a regular season due to the writers strike. Sunday night we stumbled on some new (well we had not seen them) episodes "on demand" so we watched one.


I certainly hope that it was a scab writer that wrote that episode. The whole idea of Monk buying a house and then hiring "Honest Jake" and then trusting him as he tore up his house was a joke. Where was the anal Monk that we love so much?

You always know it is a not so good episode when you can guess what is going on by the second commercial.

Hopefully the other episode that was on demand will be better, but to be honest my forecast is grim.

Well DUH

Former Beatle Paul McCartney today was ordered to pay nearly $50M to his estranged wife as their bitter divorce battle came to an end. Heather Mills told reporters she was "so, so happy" with the outcome of her fight for a share of the pop legend’s fortune.

Really, she was happy with a 50 million settlement? Golly, who would have thunk it!


Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl

First, let’s get a few things out of the way. I like women, I am married, I have a job (not just the glamorous Craptastictv gig), and I do not have any action figure collections. OK, now that we have that out of the way, let me just say this, I do not hate this series.

Pokemon, for those that might read this article the first thing after you have wakened from a 20 year coma, loosely means “Pocket Monsters” in Japanese (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā). The object of the game is to collect the Pokemon, increase their powers and have them battle other Trainer’s Pokemon until you become the strongest Pokemon Trainer, the Pokemon Master.

I really tried to keep my kids away from the whole Pokemon thing for quite a few years. A cynical person might say that the point of Pokemon is to make money. Especially, since there are over 400+ of the little buggers (not Bug Type) and with every fresh installment they add a few more thus forcing the mindless Poke – Automatons to buy more games. To make it worse, each time they release a new Pokemon game they release it in two flavors with a few Pokemons that are unique to each. This is why it is not called Pokemon Diamond, but Diamond AND Pearl (and Pearl is the superior of the two).

Twins!The series now is about Ash, Brock (The Japanese Stewart French) and Dawn as they travel about the Sinnoh Region (don’t ask) exploring. The series is typical Japanese Anime, that is, very crappy animation which is the norm. Seriously, it looks terrible. I do like the style and colors, but the animation is atrocious. Static backgrounds, the people do not move when they talk-other than their mouths. I’m not sure if they even blink.

Another thing that I am so-so on is Team Rocket. They are in pretty much every episode and do something stupid every episode. It gets annoying. Still, I will give them style points for their awesome coifed hair and the clothes that they have. Not to mention they have about the only intelligently SPEAKING Pokemon on the series, Meowth. In addition, they have a Wobbuffet. Which I am so very ashamed to say that I find it to be quite funny and quirky.

That said, I do like this series. At least the ones that I have watched with my kids. I found the stories to be somewhat entertaining, certainly they do show quite a bit of imagination. And when I say imagination, I don’t mean just making up a bunch of odd names for this or silly landmarks like say… “Jay Jay the Jet Plane’s” Sparkleberry Tree, gah! Big Jake run me over please, if I have to watch that show again!

Oh, and I was right about my initial feeling towards it. Every time I watch this show with the kids I feel like going and playing Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Battle Revolution…

80’s TV Comfort Food

“Designing Women”, the TV show reruns are great! I watched a 4 show block on TV Land last night. It was hard to believe that they were showing 4 in a row. Since I’m sick with a cold it was just what I needed. Vegging in front of one of my Comfort Food types of 80’s sitcoms makes life better.

It’s hard to believe that the show started 21 years ago! I was interested in it initially because Annie Potts who plays Mary Jo was in it. Remember her from the 1986 hit movie “Pretty in Pink”? She was great there and I was really intrigued to see her on a TV show. Even though her character was a lot different on “Designing Women”, I still liked her. For those of you who saw “Pretty in Pink”, remember how she acted at the very end of the movie? Well, I think that “Iona” changed her name and moved to Atlanta for “Designing Women”!

Occasionally the show does have a little “Preachy-ness” to it. Some of the topics were taboo for their day. Sadly, a few were taken, strangled and left for you, the viewer, to digest-or not. That would be my only gripe. Other than that, I usually liked the episodes.

Anyways, it’s still a great show. Since I live in the Psuedo South, I really enjoyed looking at how the women dress and how they carry themselves. Even when Julia gets her head caught in a banister, she still pulls off having class. How do you do that?