Every decision I have ever made is wrong

Seinfeld is NOT a show that I would ever in a million years look to for inspiration.

I loved the show, but the characters were shallow, selfish and not really people I would want to hang out with, well, Krammer maybe I would like to hang with.

That said, I have always thought that George Costanza was onto something when he realized that his life was not what he had envisioned. He came to the conclusion that everything he had ever done had been wrong and that all his decisions were wrong. So he started doing the opposite of everything that made sense to him.

I really think that if you do that in moderation in regards to certain decisions in life that good things can come of it. I know personally some of my decisions have been terrible, I should have gone against the grain and done the opposite.


Nice Codpiece

You know someday you see things and you really just have no way to really express yourself in a way that would bring anything more to the table.

Today is one of those days, I like Sean Connery a lot, a lot of his movies are great, but there was a certain time in the 70’s when he made some less than desirable choices.

At what point did it seem like a good idea to be in a movie that required him to suit up in a bright red costume with a somewhat dubiously large codpiece?Zardoz

Goodbye to Childhood

Every year when Labor Day rolls around the local Public Broadcasting Station switches around their lineup. Most of the time it is minor, the newer shows are added but they come on early, before I get home from work so I never cared.

The one constant show that WEDU has shown has been Arthur. Once they moved the time back to 4:30 pm, other times they moved the time to 5:30 pm, most of the time Arthur got a 5 o’clock start.

I have to say it, I really liked watching Arthur. Some of the PBS shows I really never liked, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, pure torture! Others like Barney I do not care for, Goodbye Arthur and Busterbut I could tolerate in small doses. Arthur was different, the episodes were well written and there were enough adult themes and jokes that I did not get bored. Not to mention some of the episodes were very original. 

For example, the episode where Buster came back from traveling with his dad and the talking Moose (Art Garfunkel) sang about everything that was going on during the episode was really clever.  Not to mention the theme song is sung by Ziggy Marley, it is very catchy!

Anyway, so we have been watching Arthur for about 9 years nonstop. For me it was perfect how it worked out, the kids would watch it and I would take a catnap on the couch, 20 minutes or so, just wonderful sleep.

Well this year the pinheads at WEDU changed the schedule and now Arthur comes on at 7 am. WHY?

What bothers me the most is not that I doubt I will get my naps like I did before, more than likely I will just sleep thru Curious George. The nap is not really the point.

No, the thing that bothers me the most is that it is really making me realize that my kids are getting older, and as all parents know, the older kids get the "wiser" they get. Anyway, I am finding all this super depressing. Sigh.